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We have two important sales for you. The Creators package, where you can by the materials and do it on your own, or the Dreamers, who can select from our premade and worldwide unique products.


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What do I offer to You

I am a retailer of  Redesign with Prima products in Romania and use their products to get the most out of your furniture. I will renovate your furniture in a unique way to fully reflect your personality.

I create furniture that makes your house a home.

Most furniture manufacturers satisfy intermediate needs and we always have to be pleased with a model that is close to our expectations. I help you to see your ideas  in your living room, bathroom, or even in your kitchen or bedroom.


The boring assembly line products of today’s world are not capable of furnishing a unique home. To feel at home in our surroundings, we like to see our favorite colors and shapes around us. I help you to express your personality in your surroundings.

I sell unique accessories that allow only your imagination to be the limit of your creativity. With the décor moulds you can create ornaments for anything and from almost any material that is modelable.

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