Delivery conditions


The products bought from our webshop can be picked up following the next methods:

    • Pick up personaly from Gheorgheni / Harghita / Romania, after contacting us and confirming this method. The pickup time, date and location will be defined by the customer and our representant colleague.
    • Sending package with postal delivery in the territory of Romania. Postage will be charged according to the Romanian Post’s tariff.
    • Sending package with courier services in the territory of Romania. Generally we are sending the packages with ‘Fan Courier‘ or ‘Cargus‘ .
    • There is delivery fee given by the courier company, and that need to be paid by the customer. (In the future we are planning to improve our services, to make it free)
    • The expedition term depends on the following cases:
      • If there is enough quantity in stock, we are expediting the package in maximum 2 work days;
      • If there is lack of stock, we are going to get in touch with the customer, to take decision about his order, which can be the following ones:
        • Refusing the order
        • Taking separately, which means the owned quantity will be sent first time, and once the stock will be filled again, we will send the rest of the order
        • Sending once when the stock has enough quantity to deliver in a single time.
    • The delivery cost can be different based on the target location, which is not defined by us, it is defined by the courier company and their services.
    • The delivery time is defined by the courier service, but for smaller distances it can be one day, and for bigger distances or hardly accessible locations it can take up to 3-4 days.
    • Before buying a product, we highly recomend to the customer to verify the conditions of that, because we are not replacing that if there is no special case. A special case can be like damaged product (not damaged packaging), or other similar case.