Decor Transfers Do’s & Dont’s

• To begin, remember to remove the white backing before you begin applying your Decor Transfer®, the transfers do adhere quickly, once applied they cannot be shifted. Be sure to place it in the right position before removing the backing and placing it on your project.
• We recommend sealing your Decor Transfers® after they are placed on your projects, with the exception of glass/mirrors. While we do not have a preferred sealant, any water based sealant will work including a polycrylic. Wax does not deteriorate Decor Transfers®, we do not recommend oil based sealants as they may break down your transfer.
• When applying to glass or mirrors, do not use any chemicals or harsh cleaners as this may affect the application process of the transfer.
• Wait at least 24 hours after painting any piece to apply Decor Transfers®. Be sure the surface is clean and that any cleaner residue is removed to make the transfer apply smoother and adhere easier.
• Be sure to remove any dust or sanding dust from your project prior to applying your transfer. Any dust on the surface will make it difficult for your transfer to apply smoothly. Store Decor Transfers® in their tube with the lids on to prevent any dust from getting into the transfer.
• Decor Transfers® will not adhere onto waxed surfaces. We recommend to make sure waxed surfaces have been cured after several months.
• Be sure Decor Transfers® are not being applied onto peeled paint, chips or old varnish that can be easily scratched off.
• If you are attempting to apply your transfer and the adhesive side has paint, the transfer has lifted your paint. Be sure to allow time for any paint to dry prior to application for best results.
• Do not attempt to apply sealant or wax over a transfer that is not adhering. It will not adhere even with sealants. Be sure to follow the proper steps before adhering any transfer.
• Prevent any air bubbles by making sure that you apply Decor Transfers® evenly. Apply the transfer with the included applicator or a Decor Transfer® applicator tool. As you pull apart the clear sheet, rub the transfer pushing it softly onto the surface.