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Company details:

Jakab Ágota-Júlia I.I. – one person company

Company registration key: 43814827

Address: Municipiul Gheorgheni, Strada Spitalului, Bloc IPEG, Ap. 7, Judet Harghita

Bank Account:  RO80RZBR0000060022483359 – RAIFFEISEN BANK

Tel.: +40740 – 253 – 901

E-mail address: contact@redesignwithjulia.com


Refusing of an order

Pursuant to Government Directive 34/2015, any buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase or withdraw from the conclusion of the contract, without any justification, within 14 calendar days.

The withdrawal period shall end at the end of the 14 calendar days from the date on which the purchaser or a third party designated by the purchaser (other than the supplier) has been placed in physical possession of the product. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal mentioned above, it is necessary that the purchaser informs us of his intention to withdraw. To this end, please contact us on this page. In order to comply with the time limit, it is sufficient that the information is provided before the expiry of the time limit.

Consequences of withdrawal

If you decide to withdraw from the purchase, our company will refund you without undue delay the amount paid, which includes shipping costs (in Romania). In all cases, repayment shall take place within no more than 14 calendar days, calculated from the notification of the request for withdrawal from the contract.

If the customer does not agree or otherwise request, the repayment device will be the same as the instrument used for payment. Thus, if you have made your payment obligation through a bank transaction, our company will also refund the amount paid to you by bank transaction. In all cases, the consequences of the withdrawal do not incurred any additional costs.

We may delay the refund until the product is returned to us or until you provide proof of the return of the product. The nearest of these two dates shall be given priority. We kindly ask you to return the product to us or hand it over directly to us 14 days after the notification of the intention to withdraw without undue delay.

In case of return of the package, the customer must pay the shipping costs.According to the refund deadline, the customer has 14 days from receipt to return the ordered products to us.

In this sense, they may withdraw from the purchase within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product(s) without imposing any penalties or motives.

To recover from purchase, you must first communicate with one of the paths displayed in the page header (+40740-253-901/ contact@redesignwithjulia.com).

Transport and costs

The price of the displayed products includes the TVA.

The price of the products does not include shipping costs. The shipping cost is displayed on payment based on the order address.

No free shipping. Personal pick-up is an exception by appointment, in which case there is no mailing cost.

Delivery is possible through courier, through postal delivery or through a personal meeting:

  • In case of personal pre-arranged receipt, there is no shipping fee in Harghita County.
  • Sending packages with courier and postal delivery depends on country, weight and importance of products ordered.
  • The use of courier means the use of a similar system of FanCourier, Cargus, SameDay or other service providers.
  • The cost of transport depends on several factors. Help to calculate this: link

After the work programme, the purchased products will be delivered in one package to a specific address within 12 hours for multiple orders, thereby the customer agrees to the total mailing costs.

In the event that the customer’s order is greater than the inventory of a particular product, we will send the order separately or in a package at the client’s request after an email or telephone consultation, which of course also involves the replenishment time of the inventory, which is an interval of 2 days to 2 weeks.

Package delivery services may vary outside Romania, depending on the country to be addressed, weight and product category. The cost of sending must be paid by the customer, the payment made on the site is not included.

We cannot guarantee your order on the website at all times. This problem is due to human error! In such cases, we will try to notify the client as soon as possible and if payment has been made online, the amount will be refunded. Some products may not be in stock in the ordered quantities, even if the website shows.

The delivery time intervals displayed depend not only on us, but also on the post office or the date of the agreed personal receipt.

All feedback only improves our system and operation. Problem solutions are the same.


Gift cards / vouchers

Gift cards are not personally linked and can therefore be handed over to others. Publication of the gift certificate is prohibited in public!

Gift card codes are limited in quantity, not infinite. This means that if a client wishes to use it at the time of purchase, but there are no more gift card codes in stock, the website will not offer discounts so the order can only be placed without a discount, except if there are other gift cards in the customer’s possession.



Any complaints are welcome at the e-mail address: contact@redesignwithjulia.com.

Content. Copyright

The images and descriptions on the page are guides and examples. We’re trying to make every product look the best you can with the display on the page, but there may be small differences.  Copying of property on or already shipped on this site is illegal in any form and the penalties for these acts will be imposed by a court. The products on this site and their graphic works are in the court of the one for which this website has full use.

The https://redesignwithjulia.com represents Jakab Agota-Julia and her activities on her own. The site’s management is not set in stone, so we’d like to list a few preferred things:

1. All text displayed on the site is the work of the site’s owner. Copying and publishing (entirely) the contents of the site is only allowed with the author’s consent.

2. The more emphasis is placed on this fact, the more cultured the overall image of the site will be. We try to be understanding towards those who do not speak Hungarian / Romanian / English.

3. We want any enquiries or comments to be related to the site and its products. We are not responsible for any comments or remarks left by users. Comments and reviews reflect the opinions of users when they are not off-topic.

4. We may delete comments that are obnoxious, offensive in tone, do not comply with the above-mentioned clauses or are off-topic.

5. We will not approve any comment that directs you to another site.

6. We want the ideas we espouse to be as accurately defined as possible while applying them, but human error or subjectivity may be allowed.

7. We ask you to report any problems and any ideas as we can improve our services. You can do it via email, which you will find on the Contact page.