This document covers the information collected on the website by you, as a processor of the information that you provide (as a visitor), through the electronic shop (website –


What information we collect

In addition to the information you provide, Jakab Ágota-Júlia I.I. may collect information through automatic data collection tools (cookies), while you use Jakab Ágota-Júlia I.I., web-based application. For the technical operation of the website, Jakab Ágota-Júlia I.I. uses the following automatically generated information, which does not contain personal data:

      • the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer,
      • IP address (IP address of your computer), domain name (URL),
      • access data,
      • client file query (which pages are viewed and which links are clicked on)),
      • the HTTP response code,
      • details of the website from which the request was made,
      • the number of bytes consumed during the visit,
      • the time of the visit
      • details of the pages viewed
      • the operating system used to access the website
      • the type and language of the browser program used.

Why do we need this information?

We need the customer’s data in order to provide you with the following information:

      • Surname, first name, address and telephone number for billing and mailing purposes in respect of goods purchased by the user.
      • The email address and ordering address are required for the delivery of the goods purchased and for their reconciliation.
      • Email address and password are used to confirm that the user has a user profile that contains demographic and other personal information.
      • Conversations on the telephone number provided on the site may be recorded to avoid future problems. You will be notified of this event for the duration of the call.

What we do with this data

The data is stored on a virtual server with the website by a website and hosting provider in Romania.

Occasionally, the data provided by the user may be communicated to certain systems (postal services, employees) in order to process purchases.

We may disclose the data of the requested persons to the competent authorities if they request it for good cause.

How long we store the data

Personal data relating to all users will be deleted after 3 years, but other non-personal data (such as product packages purchased) will be used for statistical and strategic purposes and will not be deleted.